Fertileeze “Pro-20” price $115.50 Fertilize with Ease

“aplicador de fertilizantes”

Our name says it all — Fertileeze® saves your back, joints, and knees when applying fertilizer to several thousand of pots per hour.  If you’re a commercial grower or a “backyard” nursery, you’ll love this lightweight fertilizer applicator.  No more crawling on hands and knees or bending for hours with a spoon and bucket, while breathing harmful dust, and spilling expensive products.  Weighing just 2.5 pounds empty, this fertilizer applicator gives your plants the proper amount of nutrients with an attached adjuster that dispenses 1,2,3,0r 4 teaspoons,(5,10,15,20 grams), of time-release material.  Fertileeze also dispenses granular organic materials like “SUSTANE”.  Our applicator delivers your product at the lower end of the wand, without a delay, as fast as you can pump the outer wand.  Fertileeze comes with two standard thread containers that hold 9 lbs of time-release fertilizer each and changing containers takes about 15 seconds.

Fertileeze works well with granular fertilizers, organics, herbicides, insecticides, palletized lime.

3 ladies using using fertileeze with potted plants

Standard – “Pro-20” $115.50 + $14.50 S&H

  (Lower 48 states)

Our 30 day money back guarantee

One year warranty!


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