About Our Fertilizer Dispenser

Fertileeze® makes it faster, easier, and more affordable to dispense controlled-release fertilizer to large numbers of container grown plants. It’s also useful for gardeners and landscapers who find it difficult to get through heavy foliage without losing expensive product. Fertileeze® applies fertilizer from the lower end of a dispenser wand, and does so without a delay—unlike other more expensive fertilizer dispensers.

And this dispenser applies fertilizer without cutting or damaging the engineered coating that’s so important to your product’s design.


Fertileeze® Dispenser is Fast, Accurate, and easy to use!

2 nursery employees using fertileeze with potted plants

Fertileeze® costs much less than other fertilizer dispensers thanks to a unique, patented design. If you have a lot of plants to fertilize, you can apply more than 16,000 doses of controlled-release fertilizer in a day, including refill time. That’s more than 500 pounds of fertilizer!  If you’re a commercial grower or nursery owner, this fertilizer dispenser will return your investment in just a couple of days.

One large grower near Raleigh, NC, reports applying 10 tons of fertilizer this year with his three Fertileeze units. He owns another applicator purchased for many times our cost but he prefers Fertileeze. because “it’s easier”.  Several very larger growers have purchased one fertileeze and re-ordered several more.  One such grower bought one at the 2014 trade show in Greensboro, NC and came to pick up six more.



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