Purchase the Fertileeze ® Applicator and Save Time & Money!

Our Fertileeze fertilizer applicator is designed to fit your needs as a commercial grower, nursery owner, or horticulture enthusiast.

Standard “Pro-20” Applicator            $115.50 + $14.50 S&H

Perfect for reaching across containers, the Pro-20 fertilizer applicator makes it easy to fertilize container plants or landscapes. With a simple pumping action, the wand can apply fertilizer in ½ teaspoon (5 gram) increments for up to 20 grams .

Fertilizer applicator fertilizing plants

Learn more about our “Pro-20” Wand applicator.


Automatic Fertilizer Dispenser

Automatic Fertilizer Dispenser

This Fertileeze, distributed through Mitchell Ellis Products, is designed to operate with an automated potting machine.

The unit is adjustable for 5, 10, 15, or 20 grams per shot and can deliver two shots per second if required. It can be used to fertilize before the plant is placed into the pot or, with a 45-degree PVC fitting, can side dress plants after potting. The first unit we produced is still working well after more than 1 million shots and has replaced a worker doing same work by hand.

Learn more at http://ellisproducts.com/items/automatic-fertilizer-dispenser/

All Fertileeze Products Are Made in the USA!


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