Our Name Says It All

Fertilize With Ease

Fertileeze® makes it faster, easier, and more affordable to apply controlled-release fertilizer, and other granular products, to large numbers of container and field grown plants. No more crawling on hands and knees or bending for hours with a spoon and bucket, while breathing harmful dust.

Fertileeze has a patended wand with an attached adjuster that dispenses 1,2,3,or 4 teaspoons,(5,10,15,20 grams), of time-release fertilizer. This hand held fertilizer spreader will also apply other granular products such as: organic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and pelletized lime.

Fertilize With Ease

Easy to Use

Our name says it all — Fertileeze® saves your back, joints, and knees when applying fertilizer to several thousand of pots per hour.  If you’re a commercial grower or a “backyard” nursery, you’ll love this lightweight granular fertilizer applicator.


Fill the Containers

and attach one to the wand

Step 1

Fill The Containers

Step 3

Hold at 45° Angle

Step 2

Set the Dosage

Step 4

Pump the Wand

Fertileeze works well with granular fertilizers, organics, herbicides, insecticides, palletized lime.

Fertilize With Ease

With Fertileeze

Our patented Fertileeze fertilizer applicator is designed to meet your needs as a commercial grower, retail center, landscaper, backyard nursery. Simply fill containers, attach one to the wand, set rate adjustment, hold at 45 degree of greater, and each short pump of the wand will quickly deliver the required amount of product.

When it’s time to top-dress a thousand plants or a million plants you can’t do it faster, easier, and with less cost that with one of our reliable Fertileeze@ applicators.  The simple, comfortable design makes it easier for workers to reach pots without bending, stooping, or kneeling.  The enclosed container keeps chemical dust from being handed or breathed while working.

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