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Our New Zealand Partner

Happy New Year! We would like start out the New Year by telling you about our partner, Fertileeze New Zealand. Welcome Keith! He’s our new Fertileeze dealer based out of New Zealand covering both New Zealand and Australia.

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Application of Controlled Released Fertilizer

Most ornamental plant growers and landscapers use some type of controlled release fertilizer in their operation. Application of the product used will also vary from one grower to the next. Some growers will use “spoons” supplied by the fertilizer company and require hand application. Other nursery workers will simply...

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Why Should A Controlled Released Fertilizer Be Used?

Controlled released fertilizers have several advantages. They help to streamline nutrient management related to frequent uses of WSFs. CRFs can be used to increase the efficiency of nutrients. CRFs can also improve the performance of your crops. CRFs supply nutrients for quite a while as well as the entire...

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